The data we collect depends on the context of your interactions with us, the choices you make, including your privacy settings, and the products and features you use. The data we collect can include SDK/API/JS code version, browser,Internet service provider,IP address, platform, timestamp, application identifier, application version, application distribution channel, independent device identifier, iOS ad identifier(IDFA),Android ad master identifier, network card(MAC)address, and international mobile device identification code(IMEI)The equipment model, the terminal manufacturer, the terminal device operating system version, the session start / stop time, the location of the language, the time zone and the network state(WiFi and so on),the hard disk, the CPU, and the battery use, etc.

我们收集数据是根据您与我们的互动和您所做出的选择,包括您的隐私设置以及您使用的产品和功 能。我们收集的数据可能包括SDK/API/JS代码版本、浏览器、互联网服务提供商、IP地址、平台、 时间戳、应用标识符、应用程序版本、应用分发渠道、独立设备标识符、iOS广告标识符(IDFA)、 安卓广告主标识符、网卡(MAC)地址、国际移动设备识别码(IMEI)、设备型号、终端制造厂 商、终端设备操作系统版本、会话启动/停止时间、语言所在地、时区和网络状态(WiFi等)、硬 盘、CPU和电池使用情况等。



Provide service to you

2.1向您提供服务Product Improvement. We use data to continually improve our products, including adding new features or capabilities. For example.


Evaluate and improve our advertising and other promotional and promotional activities.


You are invited to participate in the investigation of our service.In order for you to have a better experience, improve our service or other uses that you agree with, we may be able to use information collected from some services for our other services on the basis of the relevant laws and regulations. For example, you will use the information you use our service to show you personalized content or advertising in another service, for user research analysis and statistics.In order to ensure the security of the service and help us to better understand the operation of our application, we may record relevant information, for example, the frequency of the application, the fault information, the overall usage, the performance data, and the source of the application. We will not associate the information we store in the analysis software with the personal identity information you provide in the application.

2.4邀请您参与有关我们服务的调查。 为了让您有更好的体验、改善我们的服务或经您同意的其他用途,在符合相关法律法规的前提下,我们可能将通过某些服务所收集的信息用于我们的其他服务。例如,将您在使用我们某项服务时的 信息,用于另一项服务中向您展示个性化的内容或广告、用于用户研究分析与统计等服务。 为了确保服务的安全,帮助我们更好地了解我们应用程序的运行情况,我们可能记录相关信息,例如,您使用应用程序的频率、故障信息、总体使用情况、性能数据以及应用程序的来源。我们不会 将我们存储在分析软件中的信息与您在应用程序中提供的个人身份信息相结



To improve our product and provide you better service, we also share personal data with vendors or agents working on our behalf for the purposes described in this privacy policy. For example, companies we’ve hired to provide data analytical services may need to collect and access to personal data to provide those functions. In such cases, these companies must abide by our data privacy and security requirements.

为了优化我们的产品,给您提供更优质的服务,我们将与为本隐私政策规定之目的而为我们服务的 供应商或代理商分享个人数据。例如,我们聘请来提供数据分析服务的公司可能需要采集和访问个 人数据以进行数据统计和分析。在这种情况下,这些公司必须遵守我们的数据隐私和安全要求。



We process Personal Data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, asdescribed above. Our legal basis to process personal data includes processingthat is: necessary for the performance of the contract with you(for example, to provide you with the services you request and to identify and authenticate you so you may use the Sites);necessary to comply with legal requirements(for example, to comply with applicable accounting rules and to make mandatory disclosures to law enforcement);necessary for our legitimate interests(for example, to manage our relationship with you, to ensure the security of our services, to communicate with you about our products and services);and based on consent by our customers(for example, to place certain cookies and to share your information with third parties for advertising purposes).

4.1我们已在上文介绍了处理个人数据的目的。我们处理个人数据的法律基础包括:为履行与您之间的合同(例如,为您提供您所请求的服务、对您进行识别和认证,以便您可以使用网站);为遵守法律要求(例如,为遵守适用的会计规则,履行执法部⻔强制披露的要求);为保护我们的正当利益(例如,管理我们与您的关系,为确保我们服务的安全性,与您沟通我们的产品和服务);以及 基于我们客户的同意(例如,投放cookies,为广告宣传之目的与第三方共享您的信息)。

In some instances, you may be required to provide us with Personal Data for processing as described above, in order for us to be able to provide you all of our services, and for you to use all the features of our Sites.


5. International Transfers of PersonalData


Our business may require us to transfer your Personal Data to countries outside of the European Economic Area(“EEA”), including countries such as the People’s Republic of China or Singapore. We take appropriate steps to ensure that recipients of your Personal Data are bound to duties of confidentiality and we implement measures such as standard contractual clauses.A copy of those clauses can be obtained by contacting our Help Center.

我们的业务可能需要我们转移您的个人数据至欧洲经济区以外的国家,这些国家可能包括中国或新加坡。我们会采取适当的措施以确保您个人数据的接收者履行保密义务,并确保如标准合同条款等 措施的执行。您可以通过联系我们的帮助中心获得这些条款。

6. Your Rights


Subject to limitations in applicable law, you are entitled to object to or request the restriction of processing of your Personal Data, and to request access to, rectification, erasure, and portability of your own Personal Data.


Where the use of your information is based on consent, you can withdraw this consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


Requests should be submitted by contacting us through[iOS].


If you are aware of changes or inaccuracies in your information, you should inform us of such changes so that our records may be updated or corrected. You may lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you consider that our processing of your Personal Data infringes applicable law.

6.4 如果您发现您的信息发生变化或不准确,请将这些变化通知我们以便我们的记录可以被更新或更 正。如果您认为我们对您个人数据的处理违反了适用法律,您可以向监管机构投诉。

We retain your Personal Data as long as needed to provide services products to you, or as required or permitted by applicable laws, such as tax and accounting laws.

6.5 我们对您个人数据的保留时间视向您提供服务或产品的需要而定,或根据适用法律如税法和会计 法的要求或许可确定。

7. The information we may send to you


Information pushWhen you use our service, we may send you e-mail, SMS, information or push notifications. You can choose to unsubscribe on the device according to our related hints.

7.1 信息推送 您在使用我们的服务时,我们可能向您发送电子邮件、短信、资讯或推送通知。您可以按照我们的 相关提示,在设备上选择取消订阅。

Service-related Bulletin We may announce service-related issues to you when necessary(for example, when a service is suspended due to system maintenance). You may not be able to cancel these announcements related to service and nature that are not advertising.

7.2与服务有关的公告 我们可能在必要时(例如,因系统维护而暂停某一项服务时)向您发出与服务有关的公告。您可能 无法取消这些与服务有关、性质不属于广告的公告。

8. The place and time limit for storing information


The place to store informationWe comply with the provisions of laws and regulations and store personal user information collected inside the territory.

8.1存储信息的地点 我们遵守法律法规的规定,将境内收集的用户个人信息存储于境内。

Term of information storedIn general, we retain your personal information for the shortest period of time necessary to achieve its purpose.However, in the following cases, we may change the storage time of personal information due to legal requirements:To comply with applicable laws and regulations and other relevant regulations;To comply with court decisions, rulings or other legal procedures;To comply with the requirements of relevant government agencies or statutorily authorized organizations;We have reason to believe that we need to comply with relevant laws and regulations;The purpose reasonably necessary to protect the personal and property safety or other legal rights of our customers, us or our affiliates, other users or employees, in order to implement the relevant service agreements or this policy, to safeguard the public interest.

In the event that our products or services cease to operate, we will notify you by, for example, push notifications, announcements, etc., and delete or anonymize your personal information within a reasonable period of time.

8.2存储信息的期限 一般而言,我们仅为实现目的所必需的最短时间保留您的个人信息。但在下列情况下,我们有可能 因需符合法律要求,更改个人信息的存储时间:

8.2.1 为遵守适用的法律法规等有关规定;

8.2.2 为遵守法院判决、裁定或其他法律程序的规定;

8.2.3 为遵守相关政府机关或法定授权组织的要求;

8.2.4 我们有理由确信需要遵守法律法规等有关规定;

8.2.5 为执行相关服务协议或本政策、维护社会公共利益,为保护我们的客户、我们或我们的关联公 司、其他用户或雇员的人身财产安全或其他合法权益所合理必需的用途。 当我们的产品或服务发生停止运营的情形时,我们将采取例如,推送通知、公告等形式通知您,并 在合理的期限内删除或匿名化处理您的个人信息。

9. information safety


We provide appropriate security for your information to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure.


We strictly abide by laws and regulations to protect users’ communication secrets.


We will use various security measures to ensure the security of information within a reasonable level of security. For example, we use encryption( eg, TLS,SSL), anonymization, and other means to protect your personal information.

9.2我们将在合理的安全水平内使用各种安全保护措施以保障信息的安全。例如,我们使用加密技术 (例如,TLS、SSL)、匿名化处理等手段来保护您的个人信息。

We establish specialized management systems, processes and organizations to ensure information security. For example, we strictly limit the range of people accessing information and requires them to comply with confidentiality obligations and conduct reviews.

9.3 我们建立专⻔的管理制度、流程和组织确保信息安全。例如,我们严格限制访问信息的人员范 围,要求他们遵守保密义务,并进行审查。

In the event of a security incident such as personal information disclosure, we will initiate an emergency plan to prevent the expansion of security incidents and inform you by push notifications, announcements, etc.

9.4 若发生个人信息泄露等安全事件,我们会启动应急预案,阻止安全事件扩大,并以推送通知、公告等形式告知您。

10. Minors protection


We attach great importance to the protection of personal information of minors. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, if you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain the consent of your parent or legal guardian before using Our services. If you are a guardian of a minor, please contact us through the contact details in Section 10 when you have questions about the personal information of the minor you are monitoring.

我们非常重视对未成年人个人信息的保护。根据相关法律法规的规定,若您是18周岁以下的未成年 人,在使用我们的服务前,应事先取得您的家⻓或法定监护人的同意。若您是未成年人的监护人, 当您对您所监护的未成年人的个人信息有相关疑问时,请通过第十部分中的联系方式与我们联系。

11. Scope of application


This policy applies to all of our services. However, some services have their own specific privacy guidelines/statements that more specifically describe how we process your information in the service. In the event of any inconsistency between this policy and the privacy guidelines/claims for a particular service, please refer to that particular privacy guide/declaration. Your use of such third party services is subject to its Privacy Policy(not this Policy)and you will need to read the policies carefully.

我们的所有服务均适用本政策。但某些服务有其特定的隐私指引/声明,该特定隐私指引/声明更具体 地说明我们在该服务中如何处理您的信息。如本政策与特定服务的隐私指引/声明有不一致之处,请 以该特定隐私指引/声明为准。 您使用该等第三方服务须受其隐私政策(而非本政策)约束,您需要仔细阅读其政策内容。

12. Change


We may revise this policy in due course. If such changes result in a substantial derogation of your rights under this policy, we will notify you by prompting you at the prominent location on the page, by sending you an email, etc.,before the change takes effect. In such a case, if you continue to use our services, you agree to be bound by the revised policy.

我们可能适时修订本政策内容。如该等变更会导致您在本政策项下权利的实质减损,我们将在变更 生效前,通过在⻚面显著位置提示、向您发送电子邮件等方式通知您。在该种情况下,若您继续使 用我们的服务,即表示同意受经修订的政策约束。

13. Contact us


If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.